♡ Whole Wheat Bread ♡

I am a bread fanatic. I love all kinds of it. Lately I’ve been wondering if I could make my own bread and have it taste better than the store bought bread. I love whole wheat bread most because it’s a lot healthier than white bread and my dad is diabetic and he finds eating whole wheat bread better. For these reasons I’ve been looking for the perfect whole wheat bread recipe. I tried ones with olive oil, ones made with milk, ones with sourdough..  Honestly this was the easiest to make. It takes like an hour in total to make and it’s such a filling bread that me and my family immediately fell in love. This bread is baked in our house once every 2 days.
When this bread is just out of the oven it’s a must to cut out a piece and put cheese in it and eat cause it tastes SO DELICIOUS.
I prefer the circular shaped breads more cause they feel a lot more traditional but you could make an oval shape, baguette shape, square.. any shape your heart desires.


4 cups whole wheat flour


1 packet active dry yeast


1 tsp sugar


2 tsp salt


1 + 3/4 cups warm water

For the top:

3 tbsp water

2 tbsp oats


1. Mix flour and dry yeast.

2. Add in the sugar, salt and warm water.

3. Form a dough.

4. Cover the top of the bowl and wait 40-45 minutes.

5. Heat up the oven 190C. If turbo 180C.

6. Spread water on top and sprinkle the oat.

7. Bake for 35-40 minutes.

8. Enjoy!

♡ Bon appetit! ♡

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