♡ Turkish styled scrambled eggs with green pepper and tomatoes (MENEMEN) ♡


Menemen is a legendary Turkish food. We have it mainly for breakfast  but at nights where we don't feel like cooking or eating something heavy menemen is what comes to mind.

I have a few tips for you that I learned from my dad. My dad is the best at making menemen. I don't know anybody who hasn't liked the taste of his recipe.

Alright so tip one, when you add the tomato puree let it boil until the water is gone but don't let the tomatoes be dry too. You need to add the eggs in the middle when the tomatoes are still watery but there is no extra water.

Tip numero dos, when you crack the eggs in quickly mix the whites so they cook faster then mix the yolk in to cook it. This will make the dish creamier and it will taste richer.

If you don't necessarily want creamy menemen you can crack eggs in a bowl and mix then add to the tomatoes.

And the last tip is to have this dish with bread. White bread, whole wheat bread, corn bread.. ANY bread will make this dish heavenly.

Serves 4 people


2 tbsps olive oil

5 Chinese green long peppers (non spicy)

2 large tomatoes

4 eggs




1.Sautee the green peppers with olive oil.


2. Puree or chop in small pieces the tomatoes and add in once the peppers are softened.


3. Let it boil some. Then add the eggs and salt and pepper in.


4. Once the eggs are cooked you are ready. Enjoy!




Bon appetit! 


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