♡ My Grandma’s Cookies ♡

My grandmother has always been a very big part of my life. Especially when I was a little kid. My mother is a teacher and after  she gave birth to me she had to go back to work and she didn’t have time to take care of me. Since that was the case my grandmother had to come over and take care of me. So I basically grew up with my grandma and I’ve always had a special bond with her. When I was a baby she’d make veggie soups for me. Then as I grew up it turned into cookies, cakes, and all that jazz.
One of my favorite things my grandma makes has always been her cookies. I mean how can you not love these they have the best texture, they fill you up, you can put basically anything you want in them.. My favorite things to add are walnuts and raisins. Sometimes no walnuts sometimes no raisins. And sometimes I like to add both in. They are amazing with almonds too. But not the roasted kind. The raw kind. I love raw almonds.
Some people call these rock cookies I believe. Probably because they look like pieces of rocks. I don’t know the actual name but my grandmother calls them torn cookies. Because to make them you need to tear out pieces from the dough to make them have this rock type shape that makes them special.




3 eggs


3 cups of flour


1 cup of sugar (i used white but you can also use brown)


250 grams of butter


1 cup of raisins


1 cup of walnuts


1/4 cup of milk


2 tbsps of baking powder





1. Heat up the oven in 392 degrees F.


2. Mix the eggs and the sugar.


3. Add in the butter. It will mix easier if its in room temperature and in cubes.


4. Combine all the ingredients using your hands and make it into a smooth texture.


5. Add in the milk and keep mixing.


6. Slowly start adding the flour. When it stops being sticky you can stop adding more.


7. Add in the baking powder.


8. Mix everything well until they are all well combined and smooth.


9. Now it’s time to add the raisins and walnuts. Make sure the walnuts are in small pieces so they can be added in each cookie.


10. Start take out table tennis ball sized balls. But don’t shape them. Leave them in the shape you pinched them.


11. Bake them for 20-25 minutes. They are usually ready at around 22 minutes.


12. Wait for them to cool. The recipe usually makes around 25 cookies.


13. Enjoy.

FullSizeRender (16)



Bon appetit!



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